Feast of the Chaya Riojana

A classic from La Rioja that repeats itself year after year. A millenary tradition that manages to bring together the Rioja community with several local artists and come from all over the country.

A very Riojano Garden

On the side of a mountain in the sierras of El Paimán, there is a botanical garden that shelters more than 1,200 cactus species.

A city to discover

The city of La Rioja opens its doors to showcase its most emblematic charms and buildings, parks and churches.

Visit to the Talampaya National Park

It is one of the most important attractions that the Cuyo region has and especially the province of La Rioja. An incalculable geological treasure that is covered in vehicular excursions, bicycles and also walking.

The Riojan coast

On the eastern slope of the Velasco mountain range, there are ten picturesque towns that invite visitors to explore its streets, learn about its history and feel the friendliness of its people.

Visit to the Lost City of Talampaya National Park

In the Talampaya National Park, the maximum pride of the Rioja, is the Lost City. Going through it is like traveling at the beginning of time.

Cuesta de Miranda

To the southwest of La Rioja we find a cornice path that has impressive red-colored cliffs. It was the road work of 2016 due to its magnitude and infrastructure.

Before the look of the condor

In the Quebrada de los Cóndores Nature Reserve we approach the challenging flight of these majestic birds, allowing us to be surprised by the harmony of the landscape and the friendliness of the people of the area.

Visit to the Laguna Brava reserve

At more than four thousand meters high, the reserve of vicuñas and flamencos named Laguna Brava is a semi-hidden paradise high up in the Rioja mountain range.

An oasis in the desert

Located at the end of the Los Sauces gorge, it is surrounded by hills that offer magnificent panoramic views with suitable places to camp and spas enabled in summer ...

Paragliding flight over Famatina

Two hundred kilometers from the city of La Rioja, is Famatina, one of the best places in the province to realize the longing to fly imitating the art of birds.